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Hawai‘i Scholarship Online

From its modest beginnings in 1947 as a local operation with a staff comprising one half-time director, University of Hawai‘i Press has grown to be one of the most respected publishers of Asian and Pacific studies titles in the world, publishing approximately 70 books and 20 journals each year. Asian studies monographs make up the core of UH Press’s scholarly publishing program, and the Press has become known for its premier work in East Asian, Southeast Asian, and Buddhist studies.

Hawai‘i Scholarship Online
reflects UH Press’s historical strengths, with deep coverage of Asian and Pacific history, anthropology, and religion. UH Press’s interdisciplinary orientation means that within Hawai‘i Scholarship Online’s primary modules—Anthropology, History, Religion, and Society and Culture—are found works related to archaeology, art history, economics, indigenous studies, literature, performing arts, philosophy, political science, sociology, and more. Included are essential works from the Korean Classics Library, the highly regarded Southeast Asia: Politics, Meaning, and Memory series, and a set of texts focused on Native Hawaiian knowledge and methodologies jointly published with the University of Hawai‘i’s Hawai‘inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge.

With the launch of Hawai‘i Scholarship Online comes a new University Press Scholarship Online subdiscipline for Pacific Studies, an area of growing global significance and scholarly potential. University of Hawai‘i Press’s core collection in Pacific Studies includes selections from the notable series Pacific Islands Monographs, Topics in the Contemporary Pacific, and Perspectives on the Global Past.

Hawai‘i Scholarship Online is available through the University Press Scholarship Online platform. Find out more about UPSO, and read our FAQs for troubleshooting guidance on how to use the site.

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